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We’ve all been there – bills are piling up, unexpected expenses pop up on Friday night, your paycheck is still days or even weeks away and you need same day payday loans to keep food on the table and keep the lights on.

When you get approved for a payday loan on the same day, you’ll be able to pay your bills, handle expenses, and keep your family fed and sheltered, by providing you a temporary cash infusion that you pay repay back.

These types of same day cash loans offer several benefits. For starters, the entire process is quick and easy. Your online loan application, approval and funding take place online, with no paperwork or office visits which makes it very convenient during the cold Canadian winters.

What this all means is that you can have up to $1,500 in your bank account on the same day that you apply for your payday loan. Now that’s fast!

But how can you get same day payday advance loans at this speed? How can any company offer this kind of service? With an online process, and no physical branch offices, Pay Day is lending for the digital age. We use advanced software to automate the decision-making and you can digitally sign your loan agreement. As soon as you send back the signed agreement, we will send you the funds via e-transfer in 5 minutes.

Pay Day offers same day payday loans online 7 days a week (yes, we also provide weekend payday loans) which can really be a lifesaver for many people and make the difference between being late on your bills, foregoing food or utilities, skipping emergency dental work, leaving an appliance broken, the car unrepaired, or getting those things taken care of when you should.

In a crisis situation, same day payday loan with quick deposit can help improve your life and your financial situation.

We provide you with the flexibility to borrow the funds that you need and pay it back as one lump sum, or over 2 or 3 installments, depending on the options you choose.

This can really help make your financial life a bit easier, which is the main goal of our services. You are free to spend the funds as you see fit, from managing your finances to paying your bills as needed.

Questions & Answers
Will getting a same day payday loan have any impact on my credit score?
While a credit check is performed prior to a lending decision, that’s about the only interaction with your credit file that occurs. Of course, if you default on your payday loan, it will be sent to collections. But assuming you repay your loan as per the agreed terms, then there is no impact on your credit score
Who can apply loans with Same Say deposit?
What are the risks of getting same day payday loans?
What if i need to talk to someone about my same day payday loan?

Payday Loans with Same Day Deposit

Same Day Payday Loans Direct Lender

CASH is a trusted, reliable, licensed Canadian lender that provides approval for same day payday loans even if you have bad credit.

You can feel safe and confident in your lending decision, knowing you’ve chosen a highly-respected, regulated, and trustworthy lender, with employees who live, work, and play in Canada just like you!

Flexible Unsecured Loans

We understand that not all loans are not a one-size-fits-all solution. We offer flexibility – both in the amount of your unsecured loans ($100 to $1,500), as well as your loan repayment schedule (1, 2, or 3 installments).

We don’t charge you any additional fees or a higher interest rate if you choose to pay back your loan in multiple repayments. We provide these options to offer you the greatest financial flexibility to suit your life, income, and needs.

Same Day Payday Loans Approval

When we say same day payday loans approval, we mean instant. Most traditional payday lenders are based in brick-and-mortar locations you may have to go to a payday lending store go get forms and documents signed, notarized, and faxed, mailed, or delivered back to the lender.

This all takes time and isn’t necessary. With Pay Day, the entire loan application process to getting the funds you need can take as little as 15 – 20 minutes.

Same Day Weekend Loans

Do you have an unforeseen expense at the end of the week, and don't know where to turn for a loan? You can apply for a Weekend Payday Loan online.

Applying for a quick cash loan on the weekend is easy with Pay Day. Our website and loan approval process is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can complete the loan application from the comfort of your home, office or on the go with the Pay Day loan app.

Before you start your application, you'll need to ensure you have several some information handy, for example, your bank account information, social security number and employment information.

Ethical, Responsible, and Transparent

We hold ourselves to extremely high standards for ethical and responsible lending behavior. We believe in transparency, and clearly spell out our interest rates, fees, repayment schedule, and other details, in plain English, as part of the loan application process.


Now you can apply for the best, guaranteed payday loans from the comfort of your own couch!
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Intime financial help and on-time loans and borrow money with payday loan advance
We are Safe and Secure!

Your Privacy, Confidentiality and Financial Security are Guaranteed, and we are compliant with all Provincial Regulations.

We have Expert Support!

Our great Staff are always there, 24/7 to ensure your loan questions are answered loan is OK'd as fast as possible.

We Have No Hidden Fees!

Despite your credit rating, we are up front with all of our fees and charges. We are compliant licensed lender.


Your interest fee is unchanged.


Our lending process has no hidden fees. What you see is what you get. That’s our promise as fully compliant licensed lender under provincial law and regulation.

We are Fast!

Your Approval, is complete in just a few minutes! It's the easiest approval in the business with No Credit Check!

Getting A Loan has never been easier! We just need some background details and your application is good to go !

It doesn't matter if you have bad credit, or no credit. It's Easy, and just a couple of clicks away!

Apply Here and your money will be on it's way!

No Credit Check | High Approvals

Get Up To $1,500 From a Safe Trusted Licensed Lender. Easy Application. FAST e-Transfer.

We do things differently

Swift Online Cash is a provider of short-term loans to help Canadians get on with their lives, when financial uncertainty arises. We provide safe and quick access to the funds that really make a difference in people’s lives.

Our fast, easy, transparent and secure lending practices allow you to get your life back on track, when unexpected expenses arise. When you need some help getting over a current financial challenge, we’re there to help.

Bad credit isn’t a deal breaker

If you’re worried about having bad credit, don’t let that stop you. It’s not the only criteria. We’re much more interested in your ability to make your payments.

Don’t worry about documents

It’s an easy, real-time, streamlined process. We’ve already got the necessary evaluation tools. We don’t need all those pieces of paper.

Your pre-approval is minutes away

Any time of day, any day of the year, our fully automated decision system is ready to help you identify the best loan option to meet your needs. There’s no stressful waiting for an answer. Every application is reviewed and answered in just minutes.

Transparent costs

We want you to make the best informed judgment for your situation. All our fees are fully transparent and explained. Plus, we’ll answer your questions and provide you the financial planning tools that you need to make the smart choice.

Maximum charges permitted in Saskatchewan for payday loan: 17% of the principal. We charge: 17% of the principal. For a $300 loan for 14 days: Total cost for borrowing = $51 Annual Percentage rate = 443.21%

Swift Online Cash, proudly canadian owned and operated, offers personalized payday loans online and fast cash advances to thousands of Canadians in Saskatchewan, in Ontario, in Nova Scotia as well as in Manitoba.