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Borrowing the Quick Way

We know that you have your own special financial concerns that are unique to you, that’s why our short-term loan business is geared to meet your personal needs.

Even a bad credit score, whether it’s fairly earned or not, doesn’t have to be an obstacle to getting the money you need, when you need it. As a responsible lender, we know that our job is to see the big picture. Whatever happened in the past, if our evaluation of your overall financial situation indicates that today you can repay your loan, we can provide you the funds you need in an instant.

It’s fast, easy and convenient. As a direct lender that operates fully online, you can get those funds you need without having to go through a bunch of rigmarole. You can apply from the couch, during the commercial breaks of your favourite TV show.

There will be no death-by-document-overkill with us. All we need is your basic employment and financial facts. Our advanced algorithm does all the rest. With the ability to borrow as much as $1,500, without having to wait in line at some counter for an hour, we bring the loaning service of the future to you today.

Online Borrowing Made Easy

The Online Option?

Our great new short-term loan service provides you the opportunity to borrow anywhere from as little as $100 to as much as $1,500 and it’s all done online. What could be more convenient? Additionally, we provide repayment installment options. It’s all about making the process easier for you.

Need a Loan?

We’re here for you. As a fully certified and licensed direct lender we’re authorized to operate across all the provinces of Canada. This is not true of many other online lenders, so we strongly advise you to use great care when dealing with them. We follow all federal and provincial regulations to provide you the highest level of financial protection.

What about bad credit?

A credit score is just one consideration, based on something that happened sometime in the past. We know that the past is past because it happened some time ago. What matters to us is today. If you are in a position today to repay your loan, we won’t hold your past against you. To us, you’re not just a number, but an individual. We treat you that way.

Need the loan quickly?

That’s our specialty. In most cases, our advanced algorithm can provide a decision on your loan application instantly. We know that when you need a short-term loan, it’s often because of a sudden, unexpected expense, so we’re made it as easy as possible to access the funds you need when you need them.

So Many Loan Options?

Not really. Most lenders require you to schlep down to some office, wait in line for hours until your number is called and provide documentation for every time you brushed your teeth. Forget all that nonsense and join the online revolution in fast, easy, safe and convenient online borrowing. Any time of any day, we’re available online to help you with your financial needs.

Our eligibly requirements are basic.

Swift Online Cash The hassle-free loan option.


  • Are a Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident.
  • Live in a province where we do business.
  • Are 19 years of age or more.
  • Received the same income source for at least 3 months.
  • Have at least a monthly net income of $800.
  • Are in possession of a Canadian bank account for the last 3 months from which you can do online banking.
  • Have valid email and home address, and a mobile phone.

Can I be approved quickly?

Once you’ve filled out your application, our decisions system, with its advanced algorithm, gives you a decision almost instantly.

Most of our customers have their money in the bank the same day. Once you’re approved and you sign your electronic agreement, our e-transfer system has the funds in your bank in 5 minutes.

Is there a borrowing limit?

Currently, we offer loans between $100 and $1,500. Our advanced algorithm helps us identify the loan amount that suits your financial circumstances best.

How Much Income do I Need?

Our minimum monthly requirement is an income of $800. Though a lot of sources, which you might not expect, can be counted toward this total. That includes child tax credits, EI, ODSP benefits and pensions for example. Include such income sources in the Employment Details of your application and you're ready to go.

How about Payments?

We make payments easy. Once a payment day arrives, we will simply debit the amount stipulated in your loan agreement out of the same bank account into which we made the original loan. All you have to do is be sure there are sufficient funds to cover the payment. Other than that, there’s nothing for you to worry about.

No Credit Check | High Approvals

Get Up To $1,500 From a Safe Trusted Licensed Lender. Easy Application. FAST e-Transfer.

We do things differently

Swift Online Cash is a provider of short-term loans to help Canadians get on with their lives, when financial uncertainty arises. We provide safe and quick access to the funds that really make a difference in people’s lives.

Our fast, easy, transparent and secure lending practices allow you to get your life back on track, when unexpected expenses arise. When you need some help getting over a current financial challenge, we’re there to help.

Bad credit isn’t a deal breaker

If you’re worried about having bad credit, don’t let that stop you. It’s not the only criteria. We’re much more interested in your ability to make your payments.

Don’t worry about documents

It’s an easy, real-time, streamlined process. We’ve already got the necessary evaluation tools. We don’t need all those pieces of paper.

Your pre-approval is minutes away

Any time of day, any day of the year, our fully automated decision system is ready to help you identify the best loan option to meet your needs. There’s no stressful waiting for an answer. Every application is reviewed and answered in just minutes.

Transparent costs

We want you to make the best informed judgment for your situation. All our fees are fully transparent and explained. Plus, we’ll answer your questions and provide you the financial planning tools that you need to make the smart choice.

Maximum charges permitted in Saskatchewan for payday loan: 17% of the principal. We charge: 17% of the principal. For a $300 loan for 14 days: Total cost for borrowing = $51 Annual Percentage rate = 443.21%

Swift Online Cash, proudly canadian owned and operated, offers personalized payday loans online and fast cash advances to thousands of Canadians in Saskatchewan, in Ontario, in Nova Scotia as well as in Manitoba.