Online Payday Loan Rates
and Terms in Saskatchewan

$17 per $100

Example: For a $300 loan for 14 days

Principal Amount: $300 loan for 14 days
Total Cost of Borrowing: $51
Total to Pay: $351

"This information conforms to the requirements of The Payday Loans Act"

A Payday Loan is a High-Cost Loans
A payday loan is a high-cost loan. Payday loans are regulated by the Financial and Consumer Affairs Authority of Saskatchewan. For information relating to payday loans, you can visit the FCAA website at

Fees and Charges
The following are fees and charges applied to a payday loan:
Loan fee of 17% of the loan principal, payable on the loan repayment date.
NSF charge of $25 for a dishonored cheque or pre-authorized debits dishonored. Default interest of 30% per annum will be charged on the outstanding principal balance of the loan if you fail to pay the loan in full on the loan repayment date.

Rights to cancel payday loan
The borrower shall have the right to cancel the payday loan, without reason or cost, at any time before the end of the business day following the date that the payday loan agreement was entered into.

To cancel a payday loan agreement. the borrower shall:
  1. Give written notice of the cancellation to Swift Online Cash Corp. by the use of the Notice of Cancellation form. The cancellation notice must be delivered by email to
  2. Repay to Swift Online Cash Corp. by the payment method of e-transfer. the amount that was advanced to the borrower under the payday loan. The funds must be e-transferred to Swift Online Cash Corp. at
  3. On the cancellation of a payday loan agreement and receipt of loan repayment, Swift Online Cash Corp. will immediately provide the borrower with a Receipt of Cancellation form the loan agreement respecting the amount the borrower paid or returned to the payday lender on canceling the payday loan agreement.

    The cancellation of a payday loan agreement extinguishes every liability and obligation of the borrower is under. or related to. the payday loan agreement.
Debt Counselling
If you feel you may benefit from confidential debt counseling. Credit Counselling Canada can be reached by calling toll-free at 1-888-527-8999; by fax at 1-888-520-8008; by e-mail at or by mail at Suite 124A 1621 Albert Street Regina SK S4R 8G9. You can also visit their website for further information at

Cancellation Receipt Forms

Credit Counselling
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